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Dedicated to Directors:
Board coaching programs

We create development plans
for effective governance

We are specialized in working with Boards of Directors (or boards, trustees, executive committees, or any other name they may have) to define development programs in a framework of sustainability.
For years, we have collaborated with the governing bodies of organizations of all sizes – local, national and international – often with members coming from different parts of the world.

This has allowed us to develop an all-around expertise on the optimal functioning of governance, and to identify the ways we believe are most suitable to achieve it.

The sustainability of an organization depends on many variables: the way governance bodies are composed and work, internal organization, fundraising strategy, and leadership dynamics in working groups – to mention but a few.
Our board coaching programs aim to produce tangible change in organizations’ strategic horizon, and to strengthen the internal skills of those who govern them.
They are designed ad hoc and totally personalized and customizable. Depending on the needs we offer:


A quick and tangible full immersion in the dynamics of the Board of Directors


A 3-meeting program to analyze critical issues and define ready-to-use corrective measures


A 6-month side-by-side program to grow and support the area of “governance and development”

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A 3-hour consultancy, held remotely, with the members of the Board of Directors.

A quick and extremely practical full immersion into the dynamics of the board itself: who is on it, what works and what doesn’t, how it can change for the better and work proactively for the organization’s sustainability.
We provide analyses and concrete solutions to go from stalling to active engagement.


3 meetings with the members of the Board of Directors, including the training and consultancy required to analyze the main criticalities that make the board less powerful or less effective, in order to finally define corrective measures that can be applied immediately.

We use operative tools and pragmatic work methods to face and solve any problematic issue “by doing”, so the consequent change can be effective and become a valuable part of the organization’s culture.
Some examples of practical application are:

  • Design of the board or committee model that best meets the organization’s needs;
  • Assessment of the Board of Directors, analysis and detailed as-is/to-be report;
  • Role-based training (what does a board member do; what are the possible approaches to the role; tasks and expectations);
  • The board and financial sustainability: relationships with fundraising and with the fundraising office;
  • Training and as-is analysis, scenario report.


Approximately 6 months of consultancy, divided into areas to cover every aspect the governance body should know about.

We go from defining the governance model and profile of the members of the board to designing the right sustainability and development strategy, from relationships with fundraising and fundraisers to role-based training, including coaching during board meetings and much more.
The goal of this complete program is to guide the board through a process that makes it fully operational and functional for the organization and its mission, in order to bring out its real potential and maximize its impact over time.