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Every program we set up
is tailor made.

Every product we develop is custom designed: every short- or long-term consultancy, every board coaching program, every beginner or advanced training.
However, all of our projects share some common elements that we believe are essential to improve effectiveness and achieve results.


Custom consultancy and coaching plans
for nonprofit organizations.

Board Coaching

To produce tangible change in organizations’ strategic horizon.


Personalized and tailor-made courses on sustainability and fundraising, for everyone.

An open, transparent,
honest relationship

We are convinced the only way to reach our goal is for everyone to fully commit to it. Everyone: consultants and clients. And real commitment – not just talk – requires everyone being confident about what we’ll do together. Working on an organization’s sustainability and development is a complex task and must be based on mutual trust and listening. We believe the ability to do some soul searching and to dialogue with true intellectual honesty are key to working well together, building cooperative relationships and growing. That is what we offer, at all times. And it is what we ask of you. It is also the reason why we dare to call the organizations we work with friends, not just clients.

Strategic approach

We believe our role, as consultants and trainers, is to transfer a work method that can transform organizations and their capabilities at a structural and permanent level, so nonprofits can achieve the results they strive for. We stimulate people to look at the organization and its future in a different way, so they can define and support the development and sustainability of their mission.

This is why our consultancies always include training at the beginning and during the process, an internal and a context analysis, an assessment of the current positioning and of communication activities, the production of custom work materials, the engagement of all stakeholders, and meetings to review and share progress with the team.
We are convinced success in our work can be measured by the progress organizations are able to make after their collaborations with us.

This is what gives our job a deeper meaning.


Over 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector in Italy and abroad have allowed us to build a massive network of contacts and partners including organizations, institutions and companies. We believe in sharing and creating new relationships, as an opportunity for everyone to grow. That’s why we are always eager to suggest networking, case history presentations, talks, conferences and training sessions. We think stories about the people who work to change our world for the better should be told and shared, and when we have a chance to do so we are happy to share the spotlight with the organizations we have helped.


There is no copy and paste in our work: we draft our plans one by one, always customizing and detailing phases, timelines and expected outcomes for each step. We calculate our estimates exclusively depending on the goals of our consultancy, according to the client’s needs.
That is one of the reasons why we don’t associate a fee directly to the number of days or hours of consultancy.
Because change cannot be summed up in a single number.
We believe our job is to help your organization find its way towards sustainability and development. Our experience with diverse organizations – each one with its own field, mission, size, background and people – has taught us to think in terms of strategic goals and not number of hours or days.
We embrace the ethical principles our profession is founded on: first of all, by refusing a percentage of the funds you raise.
We have been members of ASSIF (Associazione italiana fundraiser, i.e. Italy’s fundraiser association) since the beginning, and adhere to its code of ethics.