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Our Manifesto

With organizations,
not for organizations

We want nonprofit organizations to grow: it’s what we care about, it’s why we started Engagedin.
And there can be no growth without sustainability, from every point of view: we believe sustainability is a complex matter, often approached in a superficial way. You have to know how to truly handle its processes to simplify and make it achievable.

Bringing a vision into focus and translating it into strategic analyses, redefining organizational structures, work plans and fundraising or engagement campaigns: this is what we do with the organizations we collaborate with.

We work with organizations, not for them: we believe that only if we transfer knowledge and a new work method to them they will achieve truly effective and lasting development.

There is so much talk about change.
It’s our job to understand what it means and make it possible.
This is the analysis and operative work we carry out: to shape the change the organization wants to achieve and make it last over time.
It’s a complex job, but when you look at how organizations evolve and grow thanks to the work you put in... you can actually make a tangible difference.

Our professional background was built in complex organizations like universities.
We gained experience over a 15-year journey that led us to high-level positions in the field of organizational analysis, corporate relations and strategic marketing.
By focusing on the development of the nonprofit sector, we made a choice – a choice that aligns with our idea of society.
Pursuing this choice, we bring with us a wealth of technical knowledge and the ability to fully understand different contexts and situations: these are the assets we offer to organizations committed to growth.




Two professionals

It’s just two of us, with our long experience and a strong, flexible network of collaborators and partners.
That’s how we started when we decided to open ENGAGEDin, and that’s how we’ve decided to continue. Because keeping our structure “light” allows us to do our best for what we care about the most: working in a bespoke and impactful way for the growth and sustainability of the nonprofit organizations and institutions we collaborate with. An agile and flexible structure allows us to truly be at organizations’ side, throughout the journey we embark on together, however long or short it may be.


A shared vision

We believe in work carried out with commitment and care, customized, and based on shared values, approach and vision – as the foundation for serious professional relationships, built around the growth of the organization and the development of its mission.
But human relationships are even closer to our heart than professional ones.
So we nourish them, as much as we possibly can.

This is not a job you can simply “do”.
To work, it needs you to “be”: you have to embrace and commit to the view of the world that belongs to the organizations you help and to the people who bring them to life. You have to extend this view into a possible future, making it achievable.


Custom solutions

We are not like the others: we study each organization’s characteristics and define tailor-made consultancy plans or training programs.

In over 10 years of activity, we have never repeated the same thing twice.
Each job, each assignment, each person is unique: and we want to highlight the value of this uniqueness to strengthen it and make it sustainable over time.


International reach

We chose to work both in Italy and abroad.
We have always collaborated with foreign organizations, which have their headquarters and carry out projects in other countries, as well as with Italian organizations that need to develop strategies and plans for both the domestic and international markets.

Once we’ve defined the work plan, starting the creative phase is always interesting. It is stimulating to come up with campaigns, identify keywords and calls to action, pick the structure and graphic design.
It is even more exciting if everything has to work also in a different language, and in widely diverse cultural and social contexts.


Commitment and responsibility

We deeply believe that a different world, a better world, is possible. We believe individual and collective commitment can make it a reality, because we are – we must all be – responsible for change.

We are convinced that this job needs to be “lived”, inhabited all the way, feeling the urgency of change for the better, whatever the cause may be: human rights, education, arts and culture, health, scientific research, environmental protection for the planet and for the species that live on it. This is why we are actively committed to professional volunteering initiatives and constantly support certain organizations.
Because to live this profession, you need to take a stand, act, donate.

Behind the name: ENGAGEDin

We named our company ENGAGEDin to express the way we work, which always starts from engagement, from getting on board for a journey of change heading towards a better world, or at least for a certain corner of the world. The title of our blog about governance, “Welcome on board”, is dedicated to the same concept.

Our name reflects our engagement in organizations’ daily work.
That’s exactly what we do – or actually, who we are.

Contact us

Send us your request for contact and schedule a meeting with us, no strings attached. We look forward to hearing about your organization and finding out what we can do together!