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Development and fundraising

We build custom consultancy
and coaching plans

We help nonprofit and civil society organizations define and implement a sustainability strategy to develop their fundraising (from big and small donors, companies, foundations, and bequests) as well as the overall organization under every aspect.
We build custom consultancy and coaching programs.
We define the structure and duration of the plan depending on the organization’s needs.


A quick and tangible full immersion to gain feedback and “how-to” practical advises


A few-days full immersion mode, to focus on and develop your goals


A 12-month side-by-side support to empower the whole organization.

Check up

A 3-hour consultancy, held remotely, with people in the fundraising office or anyone else who is in charge of development and sustainability within the organization.

A quick and extremely practical full immersion into the organizational dynamics that block or hinder fundraising: we’ll go from pinpointing actionable solutions you can immediately implement to overcoming the hurdle of starting (or re-starting) your fundraising campaign.


A mix of training, consultancy and workshop, to bring one or more fundraising campaigns to their operational stage.

Just a few, intense days to focus on your goals, undo the “knots” holding your organization down, better understand and define the practical steps in fundraising, communication and engagement, and start raising funds as soon as possible.


Over 12 months, a sequence of phases engage the entire organization – in different workgroups from the Board of Directors to staff, from volunteers to external stakeholders.

The goal of this structured program is to lead the organization through a process of strategic analysis, “learning by doing”, operative planning and practical implementation, impact assessment and final analysis, at a higher and more consolidated level in terms of sustainability.
It includes: internal and context analysis; organizational analysis; market positioning, governance and fundraising analysis; strategic planning on organization, communication and stakeholder engagement; multi-target (individuals, companies, foundations) and multi-instrument fundraising campaigns; support in the operative phase; assessment and detailed reporting.

The programs for our customers
are tailor-made, unique