Taking care of others’ needs, having a positive impact on society,
building strong relationships inside and around communities,
learning how important they are: it is an attitude we should undertake.

Yes, it is time to be “ENGAGEDin”.

Fundraising strategic philanthropy - Engagedin

We provide consultancy and training in fundraising, people raising and strategic philanthropy for charities, NGOs, Universities, foundations, public bodies, in every field.

Our services are based on a deepen knowledge over our clients’ goals, a high level of strategic planning, customized tutorship programs, availability and open-mindedness.

This means working with ENGAGEDin, these are the principles and values we believe in, our trademark.


Simone Biancu - Engagedin


After a long experience in the field of HR and external relations within the University sector, she approached the world of fundraising and philanthropy.

Specialized at the Fundraising school from Università di Bologna, she is co-author of "Board in prima fila", focused on Board management and development, author and contributor for many blogs about fundraising.

Currently vice-president and delegate to internationalization of the Italian Association of Fundraisers (ASSIF) and Board member member of the European Fundraising Association (EFA) and European Lung Foundation, Simona is also member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), where she serves as volunteer within the International Development Forum.


Graduated from Università di Torino, post grad Master in Management at Politecnico di Milano - Business School, diploma in Strategic Philanthropy.
Due to his 15 years experience within the University sector, he owns a deep knowledge of dynamics and factors that characterize relationships between for-profit and nonprofit.
He is an active member of the Italian Association of Fundraisers (ASSIF))”

Alberto Cuttina - Engag